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Launch of Short Film ‘Samoa's Ocean Strategy: Preserving Our Lifeline for the Future’

8th June 2023

Short film 'Samoa Ocean Strategy: Preserving Our Lifeline for the Future'

Apia, Samoa — Talofa Lava! Today, we are excited to announce the premiere of the short film ‘Samoa's Ocean Strategy: Preserving Our Lifeline for the Future,’ which captures the essence of our collective identity and responsibility. This insightful film delves into our journey as Samoans, showcasing our enduring commitment to the ocean, which has nurtured us for countless generations.


The film takes you on a journey to our cherished coral reefs, the heart of our ocean, revealing their profound significance to our lives, livelihoods, and the ecological balance of our waters. It also highlights the Samoa Ocean Strategy, our collective response to the urgent need for sustainable marine resource management, integrating the wisdom of our ancestors with modern-day practices.


Our ocean, our life, our future – this film is an ode to these intrinsic connections that shape our existence as Pacific Islanders. It bears witness to our innovative approaches to marine conservation, particularly the establishment and impact of marine protected areas in enhancing the resilience of our coral reefs.


"In narrating our journey towards ocean sustainability, this film echoes our collective resolve as Samoans to safeguard our marine heritage," said Danita Strickland, Marine Programme Manager at Conservation International. "It serves as a testament to our resilience and dedication to preserving the ocean for the future generations of Samoa."


We hope ‘Samoa's Ocean Strategy: Preserving Our Lifeline for the Future’ will stir pride in our shared heritage and rekindle our commitment to conserve and sustainably use our oceanic resources.


For more information, please visit our website at


Fa'afetai Lava!

For media inquiries, please contact:

Samoa Ocean Strategy Secretariat

Samoa Ocean Strategy

The ocean is the source of life. It has sustained Samoa and its people for generations and remains critical to the economy, culture, and wellbeing of the nation. However, the ocean faces unprecedented threats from global climate change, unsustainable fisheries and development, and pollution.


The Samoa Ocean Strategy, or SOS, is the national policy framework that seeks to sustainably manage Samoa’s vast ocean and marine resources for the well-being of all Samoans now, and into the future. The SOS provides bold and comprehensive integrated ocean management solutions that will advance ocean stewardship and ensure the cultural and the economic values that Samoans derive from their 120,000 square kilometer ocean are preserved for generations to come.  

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