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The ocean is the source of life. It has sustained Samoa and its people for generations and remains

critical to the economy, culture, and wellbeing of the nation. However, the ocean faces unprecedented threats from global climate change, unsustainable fisheries and development, and pollution.

The Samoa Ocean Strategy, or SOS, is the national policy framework that seeks to sustainably manage Samoa’s vast ocean and marine resources for the well-being of all Samoans now, and into the future. The SOS provides bold and comprehensive integrated ocean management solutions that will advance ocean stewardship and ensure the cultural and the economic values that Samoans derive from their 120,000 square kilometer ocean are preserved for generations to come.  

The SOS complements existing plans while strengthening ocean conservation efforts with a focus on marine spatial planning, sustainable fisheries management, and further developing Samoa’s Blue Economy. The strategy also integrates the implementation and management of Sustainable Development Goals, regional policies, and international commitments that concern the marine environment.

 “98% of our domain is ocean. We are a large ocean state. Our waters hold exceptional habitats, from seamounts to biodiverse coral reefs, carbon rich mangroves, and oceanic basins which contribute significantly to the economy, food security, and the identity of the Samoan people. Through the Samoa Ocean Strategy, we have committed to protect 30% and manage 100% of our ocean by 2030 because we understand we must sustain that which sustains us, now, and into the future.”

- Hon. Prime Minister 

Fiamē Naomi Mataʻafa



The Independent State of Samoa has partnered with the Blue Prosperity Coalition and Conservation International to protect 30% of its ocean area and support the implementation of the Samoa Ocean Strategy. The SOS will continue to build partnerships with local, regional and international partners to accomplish the complex tasks outlined in the SOS for the protection of Samoa’s ocean and building sustainable blue economies. Visit the Who We Are page to learn more.

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The SOS identifies and aims to safeguard the cultural, ecological and socioeconomic values that Samoans derive from their ocean including:

  1. Fisheries

  2. Tourism

  3. Offshore waters

  4. Maritime safety and security

  5. Biodiversity and ecosystems

  6. Food security

  7. Ocean knowledge and traditions


  1. Governance and coordination

  2. Ocean financing sustainability

  3. Research and Data Collection

  4. Monitoring and Surveilance

  5. Policy and Legislation

  6. Awareness and Capacity Building

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